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Health Through A Better Sleep


Improving Poor Sleep in British Columbia.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is your mind racing? Do you get restless legs? Is your roommate or partner constantly complaining about your snoring? Do you think your daytime performance might be suffering? Might you stop breathing at night?

Sleep disorders are more common than you might think, so if you think you may be having trouble sleeping, it's time to seek help. We offer services designed to get to the bottom of your sleep issues, providing a better sleep.

Our care encompasses the comprehensive improvement of sleep. Studies have shown that without sleep your waking hours suffer. Illness, accident or just plain poor quality of life. If you have a problem, ask you doctor for a referral or call us directly to book a consultation with us.

The Treatment You Need

Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or another condition, there are treatments available to help you manage your symptoms. When you see us, we will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your medical history and condition in order to come up with an effective treatment plan. We're firm believers that everybody deserves the chance to go about life feeling well rested. We work closely with our medical colleagues to provide the best care possible. When you seek help, we'll go out of our way to make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the door.

For more information or schedule your appointment, call us today.

Anything that prevents the disruption of normal sleep architecture will enhance better and healthier sleep. Work closely with Sleep physicians and other health professionals, we always aim to check that what’s been done is working optimally. Good sleep is very important. It is the opportunity for your body to ready itself for the next day. You cannot just catch up at the weekend – it doesn’t work that way. Sleep is crucial to good health; anything that enhances it will enhance your life too. With improved sleep you will feel better, look better and function better mentally and physically, a precious goal which is why we called our service – A Better Sleep. 


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