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Get The Facts From An Expert

There is an increasing need for impartial advice in order to resolve the complex and often confusing issues facing us today. The need for accurate, impartial and easy to understand opinion and forensic advice. Internationally trained, Dr. Bray offers expert witness services across Canada on behalf of his clients.


What is a Dental Expert Witness?

Dental Expert Witness (DEW) is a professional who can be called upon to provide accurate answers to questions posed by a legal case. A DEW must provide relevant, concise and understandable reports in a timely fashion. Their findings and opinions must be independent and impartial as their role is to assist the court (or legal team). Such reports assist the courts in making their decisions. A DEW must have mastered the clinical aspects of dentistry as well as having a wide experience of the many facets of the profession, (preferably over many years of practice). Dr. Bray is internationally trained and experienced and can provide this service.

Why use a dental Expert Witness?

When expert information and an opinion are required to help in making a decision, the legal team relies upon the dental expert witness. In the case of personal injury, information may be clear (broken teeth, cuts or bruises) but sometimes, injuries are not so clear-cut. Sometimes pain or dysfunction may occur at a different time or a different place, easily missed by the untrained eye. Without recognizing this, the claimant may unwittingly forgo appropriate care or recompense. A responsible lawyer will therefore request such investigation through a dental expert witness for their client.

For what problems?

Headaches, neck or shoulder pain may appear following a car accident or fall, and consequent head or face injury. Long experience and many studies show that whip-lash type injuries affect the neck, jaw and jaw joints (temporomandibular joints) too.

Dr. Bray has considerable knowledge and experience in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine where he has been an advocate of adequate screening, appropriate care, adequate post insertion testing and the avoidance of “Bite guards” in cases where OSA is of high probability.

A responsible lawyer will employ a DEW to assure that if such a claim is made, it is robust and supportable with factual basis, optimizing the chances of a fair and equitable settlement. Without such knowledge, the injured party may miss an opportunity to have the true condition considered in full. Dr. Bray has advanced training and experience in such areas.

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