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Better Health Through Good Sleep

The Treatment You Want; the treatment you need.

Whatever the condition, there may be treatments available to help your body treat itself, and not just the symptoms that you see. When you come to our office, we'll take the time to discuss and thoroughly evaluate your medical history and condition in order to come up with an effective treatment plan. As clinicians we don’t treat, we support the body in its own healing.

Disease prevention

The incidence of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation can be reduced. Cardiovascular disease has been irrefutably linked to sleep disordered breathing. While the prevention of heart attacks, stroke and heart arrhythmia is important, management of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring following heart attack and stroke is clearly beneficial in saving lives too.

The control of diabetes and other metabolic health issues can be improved and enhanced, as can the treatment of some forms of obesity. Obstructive sleep apnea has links to diabetes, obesity and to the metabolic syndrome and the body’s hormonal control system. Wakening from sleep during an apnea is associated with a ‘rush’ of stress hormones. This is an alarm response; “fight or flight”. This not only affects the heart and blood vessels, but the kidneys and other organs. Just as in cardiovascular health, close communication with your doctor and/or specialist can provide the most effective care possible.


Safer pregnancies and births. This is an area of great significance. Many studies now confirm the importance of good sleep and prevention of sleep disordered breathing during pregnancy.

Many women snore during pregnancy and a simpler means of managing this may be appropriate than that indicated for long-term snorers and those with apnea.  Low birth weight babies, gestation diabetes and pre-eclampsia have all been associated with obstructive sleep apnea. The mother is going to need all the sleep she can get for later! All pregnant women should be aware of this and their options, for their own, their baby’s and their family’s benefit

Genetics and inflammation.

Many people feel that the answer to many of health’s perplexing problems are genetics and inflammation (recognized by blood borne inflammatory markers), both are heavily associated with OSA.

Other problems such as IBS, chronic sinusitis, acid reflux (heart burn), ear and balance problems knee and hip problems (that appear unrelated) can often be related, despite not appearing so.

Day-time mental function.

Sleep deprivation is associated with poor day-time function. It is also associated with depressive (affective) disorders and affects both children (often hyperactivity) and adults (sleepiness, lack of energy). Obstructive sleep apnea may lead to anxiety (and insomnia). Good sleep is a requirement of good day-time function both mentally and physically.

World Health Organization (WHO)

“The main effects of sleep deprivation include physical effects (sleepiness, fatigue, hypertension) cognitive impairment (deterioration of performance, attention and motivation; diminishment of mental concentration and intellectual capacity and increase of the likelihood of accidents at work and during driving) and mental health complications. Inadequate rest impairs the ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system, and to moderate emotions. Maintained total sleep deprivation is fatal in some animal species.

The day after a night of abnormal or poor sleep is, whatever the cause, a disturbed day. People can fall asleep at work, at school or when driving; feel tired; have concentration and vigilance detriments; have memory blanks; irritability; frustration; and have a higher probability of accidents or injury (WHO, 1998).”

Simply put, good sleep is a requirement for good health.

The Stomatognathic system

The stomatognathic system consists of the mouth, jaws, muscles, nerves and closely associated structures such as the teeth, airway, nasal and para-nasal sinuses, cervical vertebrae etc.). It is an extremely important area controlling indirectly, every other part of the body.

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