Good Sleep

Health Through Good Sleep

Are you having trouble sleeping? Is your roommate or partner constantly complaining about your snoring? Do you think your daytime performance might be suffering?

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Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Dental Management of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Whether you're plagued with sleep apnea or another type of sleep disorder, Dr. Bray can evaluate your condition and recommend solutions based on your needs.

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TMJ Disorder And Headaches

Tension type headaches or Migraines?

Removal of this muscular pain and stress often results in elimination or reduction in frequency and severity.

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Health Advantages

Using effective techniques and gaining quality sleep will drastically improve your quality of life

Target Treatment

Working with you we will find the root cause of the disorder and create effective strategies to get your sleep back.


If you have any questions we encourage you to contact us. Sleep is not something to go without

Dental Medicine; Solutions for Headache and Sleep

Working to improve your quality of life

Situated in the Kelowna Sleep Clinic (the interior’s Largest Sleep Laboratory) Facility, our care is limited to the care, treatment and dental management of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, and TMJ related pain. Dr. Stephen Bray DDS, heads this specialized dental service.

There are host of widely experienced and yet connected symptoms which when well managed can improve both the quality of life and wellness of those seeking their benefits. The practice is limited to these, allowing a focus providing a service reflecting the commitment, care and vocation we offer.

Our approach is based on an appreciation of dental jaw relationship as it affects the head posture; airway and general systemic health through soft and hard tissues, the nervous and hormonal systems communication.

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